Our Story and Vision

mom & daughter

We see you!

We see you scanning the menu at a restaurant looking for one or two meals that are safe to consume. We see you reading labels in the grocery store, even on products you’ve bought for years. We see you searching for recipes that don’t use gluten or dairy; maybe ones that are also free from nuts or eggs to feed your family.

We get it because we live it. For years our family has navigated a world that is hostile to those with food sensitivities and allergies. What started out as a really tough time of learning and experimenting has grown into a gift we would love to share with you.

“We” are Cherise and Jordan, a mother daughter team that have been gluten-free for 20 years and 11 years, respectively. We’ve tried the worst. We've even had some of the best. But, the fact remains that we’ve spent a lot of money in search of clean, delicious, gluten-free food over the years.

We want to save you that disappointment and wasted money. Our vision is to serve you the safest*, cleanest** food we can while making it delicious and worthy of sharing with friends and family. We want you to say, “I can’t believe this is gluten-free!”

We want to listen to your needs and desires. What do you want on your tables? What are you missing from your most loved foods? We strive to provide them for you in a meaningful and stress-reducing way. We welcome feedback and suggestions at any time.

*Regarding safety - Even in the best of situations, there are limits. The Free From Kitchen, llc is not equipped, nor comfortable, with providing food for those with life-threatening allergies. While we wish we could ease the burden that situation brings, the safest place to eat is at home, in a completely controlled environment.

**Regarding clean ingredients - Know better, do better. Check out our ingredients page for more information.

If you have any questions about sourcing or suggestions for what to make, please shoot us an e-mail at yummy@thefree-fromkitchen.com.