Don’t live local to Lancaster County, PA?

No problem. We can ship your products!

Orders ship on Wednesdays only. Orders placed Thursday thru Tuesday will ship the following Wednesday before 4 pm. Any orders placed on Wednesday will ship with the following week’s orders. Orders will be shipped UPS with whichever option YOU choose. You should choose the option that arrives to you by Friday for best quality. We are not responsible for shipping delays.

All bakes will leave our facility frozen. The weather during travel will determine the temperature of the bakes when they arrive at their destination. Please take that into account when choosing shipping. We will do our best to package in a way that preserves freshness. (All our shippable bakes keep well at room temperature for a couple days.) Bakes should be refrigerated or REfrozen upon arrival to retain quality. Instructions will be included in your package.


We do not accept returns of any products, but if you have any questions, concerns or problems with your order, please reach out. We refund disappointment. That means that if you're ever unhappy with your product, let us know and we will refund 100% of your purchase price. Refunds are made within 5 business days.