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The options are endless for your 6" Baby Cake. If you need dairy-free, we can do that. If you need vegan, we can do that too. Let's talk about your choices!

Prices start at $40.

Photos are an example of how Baby Cakes will be decorated. All cake orders require a text conversation or a phone call before ordering. Orders must be placed at least 1 week before the date needed and you must be able to pick up during regular pick up hours (unless other arrangements are made.) We will invoice you the agreed price after we have a conversation about your needs.

2 or 3 layers

Choose your cake flavor: vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, carrot, lemon, funfetti, or whatever is your favorite.

Choose your frosting flavor: vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, espresso, cream cheese, funfetti, peanut butter, or another favorite

Or, maybe you want a filling: strawberry, raspberry, caramel, lemon curd, etc.

A 2-layer Baby Cake feeds 6-8 people.
A 3-layer Baby Cake feeds 8-12 people.
We can also do larger cakes!